Wise action

The wise sees knowledge and action as one; they see truly

Whilst the world and everyone in it seems to be accelerating at breathtaking speed from minimally worded emails to Snapchat, from speed-dating to 5 minute Doctor’s appointments – our environment tends towards reinforcing the idea that there is just not enough time.

This whole speeding-up process can see us constantly projecting into the future, our equilibrium highly disturbed by the associated anxiety and contraction.

Contrary to this – the present moment can be a place of ease and spaciousness if we have the wherewithal to inhabit it without wishing it or we were different in some way. Being fully present brings with it the ability to intuit the truth of any situation without getting tangled in misleading thoughts and evaluations – we thus become more able to interact harmoniously in any given moment. Practising tuning into our internal landscape without disconnecting from the world around us, results in a clarity of experience that continues to heighten our intuitive capabilities.

The subsequent challenge becomes – if you have the knowledge of what is required in this moment – can you act on it?

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action” ~ Tony Robbins 

Having awareness and living in the present moment is not about just sitting around blissfully and doing nothing. The Zen teacher Adyashanti in his book Falling into Grace describes the ‘wise action’ we decipher when we deeply tune into ourselves as “Activity, speech and relationship that arises from wisdom and is in harmony with the moment. It is action that changes and molds itself to each and every moment. Each and every moment requires a different response than the last moment”.

Developing the courage and flexibility to keep taking this sort of wise and spontaneous action that is in harmony with reality as we perceive it requires practice. It also helps enormously to be surrounded at least some of the time by others engaged in this practice of becoming.

The results of such action include: a fuller, richer experience of life as you respond intuitively to it (finding also that it responds beautifully to you), a lightness of being that occurs when you are no longer caught up emotionally and mentally in heavy decision-making processes and an increase in the flow of vital energy (Prana/Chi) that not only feels supremely good but is beneficial to body and mind on many levels. As you steadily increase awareness and wise action, the instances of stuckness and discomfort decrease in intensity and duration – you find yourself beginning to exist more freely and fluidly, with more energy and enjoyment than before and the positive effects of this become tangible in you and everyone you interact with.

The process of awareness and subsequent wise action always creates proponents for positive change, without exception. Adhering to your own practice benefits everyone or as I like to say – the biggest favour you can do the world is to prioritise sorting your own shit out. This way, we begin interacting from a place of wholeness –  so much more likely to be of service, contribution and benefit to others than the selfish and hurtful behaviour which often stems from grasping to resolve unworthiness and pain.

We do not need to change to become worthy or good, we only need to recognise our true nature. The resulting authenticity leads to inspired action and deep, peaceful connection with all of life – a joyful transaction.




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