Keep On Shining

Keep on Shining - back bend yoga pose

Keep On Shining or 6 Ways to Live Your Passion

  1. Drop the should-do’s and tune into the real you

Should-do’s, ought-to’s and feelings of obligations often stem from someone else’s stories that we inherited without realizing. Taking the time to relax deeply and tune into our true selves allows us to recognise learned behaviour and examine the possibilities outside of these constructs. Intuition illuminates the path to successful living.


  1. Find someone who’s already living their passion

Once you have a rough sketch of what fires you up in this life – find the accelerator pedal by modelling someone who’s already doing or done it well. We can all learn from each other which is why it’s a good idea to regularly be with others who are living their passion so we can share inspiration and progress. Why re-invent the wheel?


  1. Relax, drop attachments and play

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and even a little bloody-minded when it comes to passionate living – it’s close to our hearts after all – but while focus and drive are necessary allies we still need to keep the door open to creativity. How? Notice if you are attached to an end result being achieved in a specific way or under certain circumstances, imagine how things might turn out if you loosened the parameters just a little. The universe is infinite and as such there are more ways of us reaching our desired outcome than we could possibly imagine. Attachment narrows possibility but playing opens it up. Dance, sing, draw, run, make love, feel free and prepare for any eventuality.


  1. Acknowledge and name your fears – Focus on what you want instead

Being open to anything can bring its own fair share of anxiety, especially in a world where many expect life to be mapped out in clearly recognizable stages, in a linear and organized fashion. Not so for the creative, passionate ones and it’s ok if that feels scary at times. Being specific with our fears, really listening in and allowing them to come forward, naming each one and staying present while we feel them can somewhat counterintuitively lead to them rapidly diminishing in size and general scariness. Choose alternative scenarios and feelings to rest your energy on and watch how what you focus on grows.


  1. Being yourself – the loving kindness circle

No-one else can be you – only you can. It sounds silly at first but imagine, if you’re not really being you, the world is missing out seeing as no-one can do that job except you…

Start by thinking kind thoughts to yourself and treating yourself kindly by making sure you get what you need to stay healthy and happy. Treat yourself like a small child when you make a mistake, have compassion. In the warmth a nd safety of loving kindness it feels easy and natural to be our true selves, others want to be themselves too and we make genuine connections easily. Life flows beautifully. The circle of loving-kindness.


  1. Feel whole and act congruently.

Notice the tasks, projects or activities that light you up and the ones that drain you. Prioritize whatever feels like the best use of your time, balancing out productivity with creativity and input with results. Keeping our unique offering or message to the world strongly in mind helps to streamline our efforts and allows us to shine in whatever we are doing. When we feel congruent in thought, word and deed we are a powerful force. Keep it up and keep on shining – the world needs you.


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