Conscious Networking

Connected – networking for heart-led business success

Unique networking meetings specifically for independent, heart-led businesses involved in wellbeing and creativity.

Channel your qualities into assets that bring more health, wealth, happiness and fulfilment to you and others.

The place where successful creators get connected.

Having a hub where you can tap into the experience of others, replenish your inspiration and expand your knowledge, is essential to your wellbeing and success, particularly as someone who may be working on their vision in isolation much of the time. As an artist, writer and teacher (and fundamentally as a human being) I know that authentic connection is vital. Spaces that foster strong, inspired and conscious individuals to radiate their authentic selves are key to creating your best work and having massive positive impact. This gathering is an essential fuel for sustaining progress.

Our exclusive face to face mastermind group is called Connected and is based in Bath. You can book here to join us.

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