Keep On Shining or 6 Ways to Live Your Passion Drop the should-do’s and tune into the real you Should-do’s, ought-to’s and feelings of obligations often stem from someone else’s stories that we inherited without realizing. Taking the time to relax deeply and tune into our true selves allows us… Read more »

We are the strategic dancers… How 800 dancers influence the behaviour of 21,000 people (that’s less than 4%) So… 1.  A small group of people show a great big group what to do by DOING IT. They’re not telling them – they’re SHOWING them wholeheartedly and enjoying it presumably too…. Read more »

Immersed in sound, rain, sea-air and blackness, dancing on a cliff top spellbound by treacly heavy and sweet deep house music. This is how I spent the early hours of Sunday morning before the wildness of Hurrican Bertha’s tail came and whipped the point at Watergate Bay in Cornwall. A… Read more »

Living Your Purpose

One person at a time. This is how we affect any kind of deep transformation. While asking myself how Positive Living UK affects the world and what intentions I have for it I came up with the following: When in the company of one who is centred, who is clearly… Read more »

Summer Celebration Yoga Bath 20th July 2013

Sophie and Jemima are hosting a special Summer Celebration Yoga Bath as the last yoga class before summer break.  (No Sunshine Yoga classes in August 2013) Contact us to book your space before we run out of room! & Or call/text 07872 047 034 Please note places must be… Read more »