Why I hate marketing

I don’t know you yet. In order to market to you I have to make assumptions which is something I have trained myself out of to a large degree. When I assume you are this or that, I make a judgement about you and if I am judging you, then… Read more »

It’s the 90th day of 2015, the end of the first quarter, the end of the financial year, the beginning of British Summertime – marked by the curious and amusing habit we have of deciding to collectively change what time it is – and it occurs to me, again, that… Read more »

Whilst the world and everyone in it seems to be accelerating at breathtaking speed from minimally worded emails to Snapchat, from speed-dating to 5 minute Doctor’s appointments – our environment tends towards reinforcing the idea that there is just not enough time. This whole speeding-up process can see us constantly… Read more »

Launch Party September 2014

So exciting to see the cream of the conscious community at our launch party in the beautiful Victoria Art Gallery in Bath last week. The buzz of a new idea is so contagious and our speakers shared their own unique brand of enthusiasm and passion for ways of living that… Read more »

Keep On Shining or 6 Ways to Live Your Passion Drop the should-do’s and tune into the real you Should-do’s, ought-to’s and feelings of obligations often stem from someone else’s stories that we inherited without realizing. Taking the time to relax deeply and tune into our true selves allows us… Read more »