About Positive Living


An online hub where switched on people can access and promote live events worldwide that enrich the human experience, educate, connect people and inspire positive change. Collaboration, community and creativity gives rise to projects and initiatives that can truly change the world.

Working together we harness incredible momentum – nothing will help you to unleash your creative genius into the world faster and better than being inspired, challenged and encouraged by those around you.

We are already supported by practitioners who are carrying out ground-breaking programs such as: yoga in prisons, integrative medicine for cancer sufferers, meditation for addicts and supplying clean solar energy to the developing world – to mention just a few.

All these actions began as a single thought – an intention to do good.

Our cross-section of proponents includes teachers, healers, therapists, musicians, dancers, artists, writers and people from many other vocations, all of whom are taking creative action to bring more joy, health and harmony into the world via technology, consciousness and education.

Within our ranks is a vast collection of experience and talent. Working together we are stronger and can accomplish more good, more quickly.

Honorary Members

“We are all meant to shine as children do…As we let our own lights shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”~ Marianne Williamson

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What they say about Positive Living:


“I realised I could try and live a happier, more conscious life which I continue to aspire to do now – with my family – in the countryside just south of Bristol. We sometimes forget life is short. Whilst we are here on this planet for a period that’s the blink of an eye, I feel it’s really important that we search together for a positive common purpose and that nature holds the key to help us do so. I’m really up for supporting Positive Living in their endeavours to create a more connected world” ~ Tim Westwell

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“Positive Living UK is exactly the kind of community that we all need to meet challenges and drop our fear in order to be successful together.” ~ Charlotta Martinus

Barefoot Doctor

“It’s important at this time of burgeoning existential and societal fragmentation to create nexuses of awake people willing to explore healthier ways to address the human condition, and to lend support to the bold souls committed to ameliorating it who, as a labour of love, devote themselves to facilitating us coming together to share our positivity.” ~ Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor

Solar Century

“I love the idea behind Positive Living – getting motivated people together to share examples of work which is useful, creative and positive is a great antidote to negativity.” ~ Dr Dan Davies


“It’s wonderful to be invited by Positive Living to become an honorary member . It was in the summer of 1991 that I decided I wanted to become a people helper and my mentors on this journey ALWAYS suggested hanging around successful, passionate and like-minded people. They told me – “ This will help you grow into a more balanced and grounded individual in many ways”. When you share your vision with people who want you to succeed, you’re more likely to succeed…it’s a really simple concept that not everyone gets. Winners hangout with winners.  I’m delighted to be part of this vision.” ~ David Key

Wild Yurt Holidays

“We fully support Positive Living, as we feel, in a world where people need more encouragement to move in a positive direction, it is a perfect platform for ideas to be shared and new ideas to be forged. This will undoubtedly lead to a more conscious, healthy and fulfilling future for all.” ~ Kate & Giles Romer