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For human beings to be effective, well-resourced and happy in all their endeavours, it’s important to switch on to the internal processes that govern our behaviours. Education, new experiences and awareness enable us to manage our state well, gain wisdom, expedite our individual potential for magnificence, connect authentically with others and enjoy ourselves even more. Gathering and connecting people who share this agenda creates a powerful synergy with far-reaching benefits. Positive Living does this by hosting a unique monthly gathering in Bath for conscious creatives and by promoting events that support the constructive evolution of awake people across the UK and beyond

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The events Positive Living promote are centred around intelligent, innovative and experiential dialogue on the topics of:


Health & Wellbeing Training for Nurses




Our calendar, presently in its infancy – will contain a combination of events from multiple facilitators across many disciplines and intends to create a hive of happenings ripe with ideas, knowledge and rich experience.  This is a place to harness your brilliance for greater positive effect whether that be as a contributor or an attendee or both.

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Connected – Conscious Networking in Bath

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Translating your essence so brilliantly that the wider world benefits from it is the signature of successful creators.

At our monthly networking event we collaborate, learn and exchange support & ideas.

If you are a writer, film-maker, artist, musician, teacher, voluntary worker, healing therapist, psychologist or belly dancer (we don’t mind what you do as long as it’s ethical) – and you love what you do please join us.

Connected is the synergy that will accelerate your progress.

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